The following is a small sampling of some of the results obtained by the Personal Injury Law Center.

Motor Vehicle:

70 year old woman suffers fractured ribs and leg, recovers $440,000.00.

Rear-end collision:

56 year old driver/rigger collects $375,000 for neck injury suffered on job when rear-ended.

Trip and Fall on stairs:

Developmentally disabled man falls down stairs in group home, recovers $1,030,000.00.

General Liability:

80-year-old man suffers serious injuries when trying to rescue neighbor falling from a ladder. Settlement $430,000.00.

Slip and fall on puddle:

35 year old deliveryman falls in puddle injuring leg while delivering flowers to flower shop. Recovers $397,500.00.

Negligent Security:

Married father of four suffers brain injury when attacked at housing project. $475,000.00 settlement from private security company.

Slip and fall on ice:

Deliveryman suffers compression fractures in back after falling on ice hidden by snow. Settled for $300,000.00.

Premises Liability:

Woman falls in common area of condominium association, sustaining left shoulder injury, recovers $180,000.00.

Undue Influence/Incompetency:

Recovered $187,000 for estate of incompetent person for fraudulent transfer of real estate.

Construction Dispute:

Successfully defended contractor against homeowner claims and obtained judgment for full amount owed to builder.

Zoning Appeal:

Upheld permit for multi-million dollar ocean front condominium project.

Contractor Dispute:

Obtained reimbursement for homeowner for shoddy construction.